In This Life, An Assist

The couple is on a ferry, sailing from DUMBO to Greenpoint. They are standing on the deck: he leaning against the railing, her leaning against him. His arms curl around her as he holds her close. The wind is warm, but felt.

They are stopped at North Williamsburg. The boat is preparing to launch. The captain blows the horn:


She looks at him.

“It sounds like it’s saying: Boat! Boat boat boat!” He laughs and squeezes her to him. The deck is crowded but they are in their own world. He rests his head on her shoulder and looks out across the river at the Manhattan lights. He can feel the worn canvas of her coat, and her underneath, and the warmth of their togetherness. There can never be more than this.


“We know, boat,” she says, in a gently mocking tone. They burst into giggles.

Soon after, the boat starts to move.



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