Quick Update

Loyal readers,

Much has happened in the last–I can’t believe it–two months since my last post. I owe many apologies for allowing this much time to pass without completing any new posts. Many were begun, drafts were revised, but I neglected to bring anything to conclusion.

Briefly, about a month after my last post I left the kibbutz and moved to Jerusalem, where I’ve been living since. I have a few posts to wrap up regarding the kibbutz, which I’ll publish somewhat out of the ideal chronological order. Then I’ll start working on Jerusalem.

This blog has taught me a valuable lesson: absent deadlines and a community of scholars, a strong internal drive and work ethic is required to maintain a consistent level and quality of written work. Relying on moments of inspiration is far from sufficient. I work to remedy my shortcomings.


Penny for your thoughts?

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