The Unconference

I was just browsing through the program for the Innovate/Activate Free Culture conference going on in Berkeley this upcoming weekend and I saw a word in a timeblock that I hadn’t seen in a while: “Unconference

I’ve come across this term in the past, and always kind of dismissed it. I was here at this conference to learn something, damn it! I’m not going to waste my time shuffling around with other conference goers chatting idly.

But when I saw the word again, my entire impression changed. I think I got a sense, for the first time, of what an “unconference” was.

It was a formal timeblock for conference goers to have all the conversations that normally take place in half-stolen seconds between panels, and in poorly lit and loudly played night scenes. It was a space for idle notions to grow into yearning projects. A space to bring yourself to the table, among other people who were there for the exact same reason.

I have no idea if the “unconference” of reality is anything like the sylvan garden I’ve described above. But this is my idea of what it might be.


Penny for your thoughts?

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